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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sundayyyy ^^

Today, I went to church like usual
some of my friends got baptized, wahhh~ congrats to them!!<3 ^^
I wonder when I'm gonna get baptized /:
anywayys happy Jesus resurrection day everyone!! (:
my bible study teacher shared a very touching storyy
made me wanna cry T.T here was what the story was like:
she got in a minor car accident /:
and so she called her parents to come and her dad is the quiet one
her mom is the one that nags at her..and she just imagined that her mom wud yell at her at the scene for rear-ending some one..since it was her fault ):
but when she came her mom just patted her on the back, asking if she was ok, if she was hurt... WAHHH T.T made me wanna cry so bad! it was so cute
I wish my parents were like dat TT.TT but they never say tat kinds of stuff....
so sad.... sigh. i think my parents hate me.
they always yelling at me, what if I was gone one day mom & dad? HUHH?!?!
what wud u feel then? ):< geeez they think I have no feelings?! THOSE biotches... =.=
jk i shud be thankful for em /: they gave me a house and food so I can live...
but still! lmfao XD
ok so anywayys at church after bible study & service
went to the cafeteria, while i was walking there hannah and donna came out of nowhere xD so i was like wtf?!? theyre soooo friggin cute! D:
Donna is 4, and Hannah is 7. they're both so adorable<3 love em both ^^
anyways after waiting for food FOREVERRR in the cafeteria
since it was out because food was free today, I ate and then played around with Donna & Hannah (: after that we went to Lotte and Hannah came cuz she was coming to my house ^^ we bought lots of snacks n icecream~
then went home and dad was angry [[sigh like always -.- ]]
and ate my dontaksu d: yummm right? ^^ then then cleaned all da clothes on the floor of my room so hannah can come in xD and then we just played and stuff
I actaully took a nap while she was playing games on my itouch d: heheh
she just loves my itouch xD
I wanted to take pics of us together but she didn't really wanna /:
took a couple though! :D [[will post later xD ]]
so yeah she left at like 7pm ish? o: byebye hannahhhhh<3<3 lub you :3
then me n my fam ate ribs which was...not the best D:
but whatevers d: at least today was chill day ^^
thats it for todayyyy yeahh~ soudns fun?
hahah it was for me i guess ;)
well here's my story for today~ i'll blog again tmro, maybe? d:
byebye blog~