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Thursday, June 24, 2010

June 24th, 2010.~

SHITTZ I haven't blogged here in ages... =0=;;
haha I guess I lost my motivation /:
I've been blogging on tumblr a while now so yeah d:
Bored Bored BOREDDD AT HOME!! >< nothin to do manngg wtf!
yeah I'm gone. PEACEEE~

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sundayyyy ^^

Today, I went to church like usual
some of my friends got baptized, wahhh~ congrats to them!!<3 ^^
I wonder when I'm gonna get baptized /:
anywayys happy Jesus resurrection day everyone!! (:
my bible study teacher shared a very touching storyy
made me wanna cry T.T here was what the story was like:
she got in a minor car accident /:
and so she called her parents to come and her dad is the quiet one
her mom is the one that nags at her..and she just imagined that her mom wud yell at her at the scene for rear-ending some one..since it was her fault ):
but when she came her mom just patted her on the back, asking if she was ok, if she was hurt... WAHHH T.T made me wanna cry so bad! it was so cute
I wish my parents were like dat TT.TT but they never say tat kinds of stuff....
so sad.... sigh. i think my parents hate me.
they always yelling at me, what if I was gone one day mom & dad? HUHH?!?!
what wud u feel then? ):< geeez they think I have no feelings?! THOSE biotches... =.=
jk i shud be thankful for em /: they gave me a house and food so I can live...
but still! lmfao XD
ok so anywayys at church after bible study & service
went to the cafeteria, while i was walking there hannah and donna came out of nowhere xD so i was like wtf?!? theyre soooo friggin cute! D:
Donna is 4, and Hannah is 7. they're both so adorable<3 love em both ^^
anyways after waiting for food FOREVERRR in the cafeteria
since it was out because food was free today, I ate and then played around with Donna & Hannah (: after that we went to Lotte and Hannah came cuz she was coming to my house ^^ we bought lots of snacks n icecream~
then went home and dad was angry [[sigh like always -.- ]]
and ate my dontaksu d: yummm right? ^^ then then cleaned all da clothes on the floor of my room so hannah can come in xD and then we just played and stuff
I actaully took a nap while she was playing games on my itouch d: heheh
she just loves my itouch xD
I wanted to take pics of us together but she didn't really wanna /:
took a couple though! :D [[will post later xD ]]
so yeah she left at like 7pm ish? o: byebye hannahhhhh<3<3 lub you :3
then me n my fam ate ribs which was...not the best D:
but whatevers d: at least today was chill day ^^
thats it for todayyyy yeahh~ soudns fun?
hahah it was for me i guess ;)
well here's my story for today~ i'll blog again tmro, maybe? d:
byebye blog~



yesterday was a boring day, did nothing at home~ xD
i was sick >: so i just layed on the couch all day watching tv
boring!!! ~~~~... sigh anyways spring break is almost over T.T
how sad I don't wanna go backkkk nuuuuu!! );
now will post about my day today xD

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Da National Zooo (: and Rio after d:

YESTERDAY, my friends and I went to the National zoo in Washington DC, which was totally bunches of super duper fun ^^ we were suppose to meet at the metros by 10am but Me and Cyn woke up late ): grrr stupid alarm. I don't even remember hearing it!! ):< ahh, anyways we went to the metros and met with Cyn and Ando, and had to meet up with Kevin [this dude that wannted to come along wif us]
We got there at DC around like 12 ish I think? mm don't remember ><
and we ate at this italian pizza restaurant that was SUPER expensive ):<
*ripofff* lol but at least we had a good time (: I had a spaghetti bologne or something and that costed like $ expensive o.o and it was a small bowl too! D:<
lol anywayys, after dat! we walked do da zoo-
well first we went to da Starbucks right across from the zoo d: And I got a Grande Caramel Frappucino [[ as u can see in da pic below d: ]]

^ i'm on left with da shades, my friend vivi on the right (: she got da strawberry & cream frap ^^

So then we went into da zoo which was really long and hot dau ><
butbut- very fun too :D took many pics of da cool animals heheh like these below:

^a cute little sea otter ish creature d: idk what they are...forget xD

^ elephant!! :3 and its poop xD

^uhhm these mule-type animals? lmfao they were so awkward :3

^cute wittle meerkat :3

^ a tucan! ^^

^ a boring ol' sloth d:

^ an owl!! xD hoot hooot :3

^ armadillo in hiding! o:

^ a gorilla (:

[[ will post more pics laters!! >< so many ]]

so anywayss after dat we went to da 7-11 store and got a lil drink coz it was so hot! and the line was so long -.- everyone coming out of da zoo went inside 7-11 lol
then we walked back to the metros to go back to MD, which took a short time o:
and finally we got off shady grove station!! but out frickin metro card didnt work
so kevin let us use his metro pass that had liks 200 bucks in it
and as soon as cyn got passed the thingy, this fat black bitch told her to come back and pay for another was the gayest thing ever!!! D:< pissed us all off so much, ugh that stupid fat bitch... -.-
WELL after that, we went out in da parking lot to find vivi's grandfather
so he cud take us to Rio, but we cudnt find him so basically stood there for like 40 mins...when he was on the OTHER SIDE!!
awwh i felt so bad for making him wait like 45 minutes T.T sorrie grandfather!
then we went to Rio which was fun (: ate at PotBellys d:
gahh I was such a fattie yesterday T.T i need to exercise! but too lazy to /:
then we just walked around the whole Rio . it was so beautiful sight ^^ lookie:

^beautiful scene (:

and this is me n my friends walking n camwhoringg teehee ^^

(me on the left, Cyn, and vivi)

after dat we walked to Dicks and just fooled around inside dat store ^^

^ more camwhoring! xD silly me

anyways after dat we basically just walked around and left~
hahah fun day huh? (: heck yes. i wish school never started again.. T.T
its so fun just not giving a fuck about life and having the greatest moments with ur friends<3 .... sigh i wish everyday was like dat! /:

then i came home and realized how much more sick I was..which was horrible =.=
i felt so sick wahhh like sore throat and headache and everything! ):
but today i feel better :3 so thats good ^^;;;

Well gotsta go now~ I'll edit this post tmro and detail more (:
byebye blog


Thursday, April 1, 2010

AAC BBQ jaunt~

So yesterday was the bbq . It was realllyyyy fun! :D
I actually had fun too! ^^ even though it was alot of work to buy the foods and stuff, it all payed off at the end (: a lot of people came.
a lot of these freshman girls I don't even know came.. >> they never even frickin greeted us, what biotches! hahaha jkjk~ xD
but yeah it was really funn (:
first we cooked [[well johnny cooked]] and then people started a line for getting the burgers..~ I waited foreverrr I was so hungry too T.T
but I finally got it~ weeeeeeeeeeee ^^
first bite into the burger...omfg it was delicioussssss *O*
It was so good TwT I felt like:
"So this is what the taste of success event feels like"~
heheh so after that we played volleyball.
DA KING OF CVS!!! :DDDD sike naw, our team sucked.. (ahem ANDYY hahah sike xD)
but it's all goood coz we had fun ^^ even if we did lose all the games.. -__lll
then everyone just chilled~ mostly they played volleyball
I was happy ppl were having a good time (: a success bbq yes!
They day was reallyy nice out too, but now I caught a cold.... /:
boo hoo!! >< My head hurts and my body is so sore T__T yeh but it was all worth it i guess d:
I got to ride the swings a lot, and the see-saw, or c-saw.. o.o [[idk spelling?o.o ]]
At night when everyone, well mostly everyone, left just
me, vivi, alvin, and johnny were on the see saws. it was really nice ^^
had a great time with my friends yesterdayyy.<33 :3

Oh yeahh -.-;;;
when we were going home! It was like late and dark at the park >:
and johnny was somewhat still drunk! And we had to fit like 10 ppl in one tiny car!!
It was so uncomfortableeee~~~ okay maybe not 10, but more like 8!
close enough !! >< but yeah, first out was Tao.
Then it was Elmer's turn to get off. on our way to Elmers....
This dude, this old WHITE guy next to us on the right, wanted to race us!! D:<
So effin crazy yo! Johnny started pumping up the engine and makin loud noises
which shows that you wanna race the car next to you I guess? o.o
So when the lights turned green ..dude that white guy ZOOOMED like shit.
seriouslyy he passed us! We were all like OH HELLL NO! WHO HE THINK HE IS?!? ooooo:<
then johnny sped up really fast and sooner or later we past that old white guy...
but but then johnny was still going really fast and we were so scared T.T
cuz no one had seatbelts on, except johnny...and so then elmer got off
and we finally had ROOM to sit! :D finally we cud breathe yeahhh!! ^^
then vivian got off and then me~ whew finally i was home! yipppi!! ^___^
Argh I was so tired when I got home T.T
I was sore...and sleepy and everything! >< I fell asleep with contacts on accidentally /: my eyes were so dry, makeup all smudged and nastied ):
So then went to sleep after I brush my teeth and wash my face~
whew it was good day & night? I think so yeah (:
anyways I will blog later about my crap day I had today ~~~ ):
byebye fellow bloggers.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Holy shizzzzz! wtf is this crap!?

hi there all~
so the other day remember I went to Korean Korner?
Wellllll, I went into the snacks section..
and then there was like so many korean snacks!
until something caught my eyes... >.>
IT WAS..... *drumroll plz!*

POW CRUNCH?!??!? o:<
remind you of anything? HMMM??
well that above is a frickin FAKE-ME-OUT 뿌셔뿌셔!! [[for those of you that don't know this, its a korean snack that u crush and eat pronounced like PPUSHUH PPUSHUH]]
wtf wtff they can't just copy the korean traditional snack... D;
the REAL ONE actually is this:

what da- waht the- what the- WHAT THE!?!?!
yeah so i was like WTF IS THIS MANNGG?! ):<
look, look at em both,- they both bbq flavor too!! rah rahh rahhhhhh
hmm let's see where its made from. the fake-me-out one.
*looks through the package*
welll even if it's made in shud not be the copy cat of the real ppushuh ppushuh >: does anyone agree wif me? >: i feel like i'm the only one who feels this I crazyy!?!? >__< yeahh idk .. wahhh.
ok i talk too much =0=;;; shall shut upp for a while now :3
byebye fellow bloggers~ :3

March 30, 2010!

hihiii~ ~~
I am back again :3 guess what I did today!?
yehh I went to mall! woooot woot!! ^^ bought couple clothes~
but but...BEFORE the mall -.- it was a disaster.....
my friends Vivi & Cyn & I, we went to Sam's Club
so buy food for the bbq we having tomorrow at the park yeah?
and our AAC (asian american club) sponsor was supposed to meet us there at 1pm!
BUT HE NEVER FRICKIN CAMEEEE! arrrghhh we got so frustratedd ><
and total came up to be like $200 but but-
my friend Cyn's daddy worked there he help us find stuff :3
and he had to payy for EVERYYTHING >__< it was very expensive foods
we boughtt;;

~> burgers & hotdogs
~> burgers buns & hotdog buns
~> napkins , cups, plates
~> condiments like ketchup, relish, mustard, mayo
~> veggies & fruits for like da hamburger and and just eating strawberries :3
~> uhhhhhhhhhh..I think that is it?... o.o don't remember ><

Yeahh so then her daddy payed for everything ~
now our sponsor has to pay us all back the moneyy!
[[well has to pay cyn's dad back !!]]

So that was my day~ ^^
pretty boring right? keke
but tomorrow will be B L A S T !
bbq, seeing friends, playing volleyball, etc etc! :D
can't waiit lalala~ ^__^
Okay I got to go now, my friend Cyn wanna see my blog
so I hurry up to finish writing this post (:
will post later today again ? maybe..or tomorrow? ^^
byebyee~ muah.<3

Monday, March 29, 2010

March 29, 2010.

AHH so bored! >: nothing to do at home~ >__<
It is... Monday, 5:30 pm
I look so ugly right now and all I do is eat & sleep at home now
since it's Spring Break... >.> I'm getting fatty yo!!!~~ arghh

I am excited for Wed & Fridayyy :D
Picnic/ bbq & trip to DC with the friendzzz ^^
I wanna picnic so bad DX it will be so nice!
and DC I wanna go to the zoo yehh!!<3 ^^
take many pics mhm and eat eat eat!! ho ho ^o^

well I go now, will post later again maybe ^^ byebye~

Sunday, March 28, 2010

March 29, 2010

Yipp, I just make this new blog!~ ^^ I'm happy wahaha
it is.. 12:24 am right now, my mom is yelling at me to go to sleep
so I must go soon~ huhu T.T It will problly be like 12:30 am when i finish writing this? :3
I want to explore my blog more though ...grr stupid umma >.> anyways, it's Spring Break :D so happyy ~!!!
I can sleep in now!! >:D heheh I went to church today, went to Korean Korner
[[even though I wanted to get an EYE EXAM so I could order new circle lens!! D:<]]
and then came home..My appa's back is in pain T.T huhuhu I must pray for him everyday!! quickly~
Please Lord heal my dad's back >: I don't like seeing him in pain~ >___< it's 12:27 am now xD I must get off the computer!? wahh D;
goodnight to all.<3
hugs & kisses from SooLee :33
MUAH. ^^

WOW I just wasted like 5 more mins trying to fix the stupid ERROR that keeps pooping up! D:< okay byebye now world~