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Sunday, March 28, 2010

March 29, 2010

Yipp, I just make this new blog!~ ^^ I'm happy wahaha
it is.. 12:24 am right now, my mom is yelling at me to go to sleep
so I must go soon~ huhu T.T It will problly be like 12:30 am when i finish writing this? :3
I want to explore my blog more though ...grr stupid umma >.> anyways, it's Spring Break :D so happyy ~!!!
I can sleep in now!! >:D heheh I went to church today, went to Korean Korner
[[even though I wanted to get an EYE EXAM so I could order new circle lens!! D:<]]
and then came home..My appa's back is in pain T.T huhuhu I must pray for him everyday!! quickly~
Please Lord heal my dad's back >: I don't like seeing him in pain~ >___< it's 12:27 am now xD I must get off the computer!? wahh D;
goodnight to all.<3
hugs & kisses from SooLee :33
MUAH. ^^

WOW I just wasted like 5 more mins trying to fix the stupid ERROR that keeps pooping up! D:< okay byebye now world~

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