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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

March 30, 2010!

hihiii~ ~~
I am back again :3 guess what I did today!?
yehh I went to mall! woooot woot!! ^^ bought couple clothes~
but but...BEFORE the mall -.- it was a disaster.....
my friends Vivi & Cyn & I, we went to Sam's Club
so buy food for the bbq we having tomorrow at the park yeah?
and our AAC (asian american club) sponsor was supposed to meet us there at 1pm!
BUT HE NEVER FRICKIN CAMEEEE! arrrghhh we got so frustratedd ><
and total came up to be like $200 but but-
my friend Cyn's daddy worked there he help us find stuff :3
and he had to payy for EVERYYTHING >__< it was very expensive foods
we boughtt;;

~> burgers & hotdogs
~> burgers buns & hotdog buns
~> napkins , cups, plates
~> condiments like ketchup, relish, mustard, mayo
~> veggies & fruits for like da hamburger and and just eating strawberries :3
~> uhhhhhhhhhh..I think that is it?... o.o don't remember ><

Yeahh so then her daddy payed for everything ~
now our sponsor has to pay us all back the moneyy!
[[well has to pay cyn's dad back !!]]

So that was my day~ ^^
pretty boring right? keke
but tomorrow will be B L A S T !
bbq, seeing friends, playing volleyball, etc etc! :D
can't waiit lalala~ ^__^
Okay I got to go now, my friend Cyn wanna see my blog
so I hurry up to finish writing this post (:
will post later today again ? maybe..or tomorrow? ^^
byebyee~ muah.<3

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