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Thursday, April 1, 2010

AAC BBQ jaunt~

So yesterday was the bbq . It was realllyyyy fun! :D
I actually had fun too! ^^ even though it was alot of work to buy the foods and stuff, it all payed off at the end (: a lot of people came.
a lot of these freshman girls I don't even know came.. >> they never even frickin greeted us, what biotches! hahaha jkjk~ xD
but yeah it was really funn (:
first we cooked [[well johnny cooked]] and then people started a line for getting the burgers..~ I waited foreverrr I was so hungry too T.T
but I finally got it~ weeeeeeeeeeee ^^
first bite into the burger...omfg it was delicioussssss *O*
It was so good TwT I felt like:
"So this is what the taste of success event feels like"~
heheh so after that we played volleyball.
DA KING OF CVS!!! :DDDD sike naw, our team sucked.. (ahem ANDYY hahah sike xD)
but it's all goood coz we had fun ^^ even if we did lose all the games.. -__lll
then everyone just chilled~ mostly they played volleyball
I was happy ppl were having a good time (: a success bbq yes!
They day was reallyy nice out too, but now I caught a cold.... /:
boo hoo!! >< My head hurts and my body is so sore T__T yeh but it was all worth it i guess d:
I got to ride the swings a lot, and the see-saw, or c-saw.. o.o [[idk spelling?o.o ]]
At night when everyone, well mostly everyone, left just
me, vivi, alvin, and johnny were on the see saws. it was really nice ^^
had a great time with my friends yesterdayyy.<33 :3

Oh yeahh -.-;;;
when we were going home! It was like late and dark at the park >:
and johnny was somewhat still drunk! And we had to fit like 10 ppl in one tiny car!!
It was so uncomfortableeee~~~ okay maybe not 10, but more like 8!
close enough !! >< but yeah, first out was Tao.
Then it was Elmer's turn to get off. on our way to Elmers....
This dude, this old WHITE guy next to us on the right, wanted to race us!! D:<
So effin crazy yo! Johnny started pumping up the engine and makin loud noises
which shows that you wanna race the car next to you I guess? o.o
So when the lights turned green ..dude that white guy ZOOOMED like shit.
seriouslyy he passed us! We were all like OH HELLL NO! WHO HE THINK HE IS?!? ooooo:<
then johnny sped up really fast and sooner or later we past that old white guy...
but but then johnny was still going really fast and we were so scared T.T
cuz no one had seatbelts on, except johnny...and so then elmer got off
and we finally had ROOM to sit! :D finally we cud breathe yeahhh!! ^^
then vivian got off and then me~ whew finally i was home! yipppi!! ^___^
Argh I was so tired when I got home T.T
I was sore...and sleepy and everything! >< I fell asleep with contacts on accidentally /: my eyes were so dry, makeup all smudged and nastied ):
So then went to sleep after I brush my teeth and wash my face~
whew it was good day & night? I think so yeah (:
anyways I will blog later about my crap day I had today ~~~ ):
byebye fellow bloggers.

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