nom nom nom. :3

Monday, March 29, 2010

March 29, 2010.

AHH so bored! >: nothing to do at home~ >__<
It is... Monday, 5:30 pm
I look so ugly right now and all I do is eat & sleep at home now
since it's Spring Break... >.> I'm getting fatty yo!!!~~ arghh

I am excited for Wed & Fridayyy :D
Picnic/ bbq & trip to DC with the friendzzz ^^
I wanna picnic so bad DX it will be so nice!
and DC I wanna go to the zoo yehh!!<3 ^^
take many pics mhm and eat eat eat!! ho ho ^o^

well I go now, will post later again maybe ^^ byebye~


  1. Heh sounds like your really pumped for this week Soo im glad your so excited im going to the picnic also with Vivian and Ilana they wanted me to go so ill see you there!

  2. oh you are? yippp ^^ ok cya there~~~